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Four Voices

SopranoDeborah Edwards
Mezzo SopranoBarbara Windsor
TenorJulian Ochwat
BaritoneGary Griffiths

"...Such delightful voices singing in harmony. We were all enthralled by the beautiful music and had such a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in"

A typical comment from our last concert. Would you like us to perform for you?

We are four solo singers who perform everything that can be sung...

Last time we ranged from Mozart to Westlife taking in Les Miserables, Jeckyll and Hyde, Chicago, Rigoletto and Old Macdonald on the way.

We're based in Suffolk but sing anywhere we're invited and we like to entertain.

If you're organising an event - anything from an intimate party to large scale charity concert we'd love to perform for you.

To check our availability contact info@fourvoices.co.uk